Krav Fight Camp 2019

Krav Maga Global Estonia ( ) will organize it’s yearly summer camp again in Piiumetsa recreation center on 8. – 11. of August 2019. The home page of the place – . It is a small quiet place with a flourishing nature – this is like an active vacation – pushing training and relaxation into one. Also included is sauna and there is a small Weikpark nearby for some different kind of fun for interested ones: ( ). KMG Estonia summer camp is a great opportunity to make your summer special – bring a friend, loved one or family member too!

We will fill again 4 days with Krav Maga – training hard, but according to personal physical and technical capabilities as we all have different history, being social and having a lot of fun. As last year we had a special training of fighting in the water, this year’s special approach includes Close Quarters Battle scenarios. We welcome also people with absolutely no background in Krav Maga or any martial arts, this is a perfect opportunity to be introduced to magnificence, effectiveness, usefulness and fitness of authentic Krav Maga, to create a new foundation of self-confidence or apply to one. On the last day we will have an exam for those who wish to try to raise their level, this includes newcomers, who can try P1 after the full camp, we have examples of people who have done this. The camp will be led by KMG Estonia director Janek (G5). The material we concentrate on is mostly P-level techniques, drills, CQB scenarios as mentioned, we also go through higher level material occasionally.

When and where will we gather?

Our meeting point is on the 8th of August, 7.00am on the parking lot next to Tallinn Central Bus Station (Lastekodu 46, Tallinn). We will pack all bags to cars and divide people so that everyone is included and all don’t need to come or go back by a car, especially people who are in Estonia temporarily. If you cannot join on the precise time, let us know, because some other people are most probably moving also a bit later or different times to and from the camp.

Parking lot next to Tallinn Central Bus Station (Tallinna Bussijaam)

What are the expenses? Where can I sleep? Where can I eat?

The camp cost is 350 EUR for 4 days. Accommodation is included in small camping houses in bunk beds (4 people per house). If to require more privacy, there is always a tent possibility due to endless grass area.

The exam price for P-levels is 40 EUR.

The official dining will take place in nearby Väätsa center, some 5km away from the recreation center. Three meals a day will cost some 13 EUR (+/- 1 EUR). Attendants can also agree 2 times a day if wanted, this is negotiable on the spot. There is also a small shop to buy groceries or you can bring something to fridge.

In case of bunk bed, we are usually cashed 5 EUR for bedclothes for 4 days period if wanted. Can also be taken with you from home. In case of any questions or interest, feel free to send an e-mail to .

Training indoors
Training outdoors